September 28, 2022

In this article, we will be discussing why it’s so important of getting an Open Close for WooCommerce Store. if your WooCommerce store doesn’t have schedules, it might create many problems. Like –

  1. Unfulfilled orders
  2. Orders  cancelation
  3. Unhappy customers
  4. Orders piling up

Problems due to the lack of WooCommerce Store Scheduling

Without proper WooCommerce store scheduling solutions, store owners face serious problems daily. Thus, store owners are losing their revenue. Here are some common problems caused by the lack of proper store scheduling. 

1. Unfulfilled orders

If you are running a same-day delivery eCommerce store, such as a grocery store, you can’t deliver products outside working hours. It will lead to unfulfillment orders If you get orders 10 minutes before closing your store as you can’t deliver that order on that day. 

That’s why you must ensure that you receive orders during your working hours so that you can deliver orders on the same day. 

2. Order cancelation

Some businesses take and deliver orders at a specific time. If customers order from those businesses outside their scheduled time, they won’t be able to deliver products or services. For example, restaurants open and close at specific times. If you order food from restaurants, they can’t deliver your food outside their opening hours. As a result, it leads to order cancellation.

If you are in the restaurant business, you must inform your customers about your opening and closing hours so that they can avoid ordering in closed time.

3. Unhappy customers

Some eCommerce stores not only deliver products during their working hours but also don’t offer support outside their working hours. 

In fact, some stores take orders five days a week. If you order from those sites, they will accept your orders when they return to their working hours. Thus, it could take two days to get a reply from them. It is a serious issue for store owners and leads to unhappy customers.

4. Orders piling up

All eCommerce stores don’t have the same order processing capability. Every eCommerce store has limited order processing capability. If they get more orders than their order process capability, it will lead to orders piling up.

To avoid orders piling up, you must stop taking orders. That’s why you should close your eCommerce store at certain times.

Mess up holiday shopping events

Customers buy a lot at shopping events. eCommerce stores get more orders during holiday shopping events than on regular shopping days. If you keep your store open and don’t inform customers, you can’t take orders anymore; it will lead to orders messing up in holiday shopping events.

Can’t create a sense of urgency among customers

A sense of urgency is an effective selling technique. It pursues customers to buy products by creating a sense of urgency in them.

If you let your customers know that your store will remain open for the next two hours and you won’t accept orders after that, it will create a sense of urgency within your customers and help them make buying decisions quickly. Hence, your store’s conversion rate and revenue will increase.   

Available solutions for WooCommerce store scheduling

You can schedule your WooCommerce stores in many ways. However, all ways are not effective and easy to implement. Here are the three most effective and straightforward solutions to store scheduling. 

Business Profile 

The business profile is simple and easy to display your eCommerce store’s opening and closing hours. You can create a business profile for your eCommerce store and add open and closing hours. 


The widget is another excellent way to add opening and closing hours to your eCommerce stores. You can use widget to display opening hours in your store’s sidebar, header, or footer.  


A dedicated WooCommerce store scheduling plugin is the best way to schedule your eCommerce store. WooCommerce store scheduling plugins do more than just display opening and closing hours. It lets you shut down the store for new orders and more.   

Current WooCommerce store scheduling solutions limitations

Current WooCommerce store scheduling solutions are excellent. However, they have some serious limitations. These limitations are holding you back from getting the most out of your eCommerce store. Here are some limitations of current WooCommerce store scheduling solutions.

The first and foremost limitation is that WooCommerce store scheduling plugins allow you to close the store manually with a click but don’t allow opening the store manually without changing the schedule. It is a severe problem for the current WooCommerce store scheduling plugin.

Secondly, those plugins don’t allow new orders when the store is closed. Also, it doesn’t allow new orders for specific products when the store is closed. 

The current WooCommerce store scheduling plugins don’t allow preorders when the store is closed. Additionally, they don’t allow preorders for specific products.    

Those scheduling plugins hold products in the cart when the store closes automatically. They don’t remove/empty products from the cart when the store closes automatically.   

Also, Those plugins don’t allow adding specific or all products to the cart when the store is closed. 

Furthermore, store scheduling plugins don’t allow to ignore business schedules for specific products.  

These are some serious limitations of current WooCommerce store scheduling solutions.

How can the Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin overcome the current WooCommerce store scheduling limitations?

Open Close WooCommerce Store is the complete WooCommerce store scheduling solution. It provides solutions to the current store schedulers’ limitations. Also, it is adding new solutions to WooCommerce store scheduling day by day. 

Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin allows you to open or close the store instantly without changing the schedule. You can close or open the store manually with a click. 

When it comes to preordering during store closing time, this plugin allows you to preorder specific or all products during closing time. You can use this feature to take orders for certain products, which delivery is automatic such as digital products.

Regarding the empty cart, when the store closes, current WooCommerce store scheduling plugins keep products in the cart. Open Close WooCommerce Store empties the cart when the store closes automatically. 

Moreover, this plugin allows adding some or all products to the cart during store closing time.  

Furthermore, the Open Close WoCommerce Store plugin allows specific products to ignore the store scheduling and work as usual, like the store scheduling is not active.  

That’s how the Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin overcomes the current limitations of WooCommerce store scheduling solutions. And the best thing about this plugin is it offers some great features along with solutions to current limitations, such as frontend schedule management, countdown timers, shortcodes to display schedules in different places, and more.

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