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Open Close WooCommerce Store – Best business schedules manager

You would be happy to know that “WooCommerce Open Close” now becomes “Open Close WooCommerce Store“.

This is the best store scheduler plugin in the market which offers you so many options at ZERO cost. Open Close WooCommerce Store is an extension of the #1 e-commerce plugin WooCommerce.

You can set up your store schedule in minutes and choose what days and hours your store is open. Like a real store, your website will be opened and/or closed following the schedules you defined. Thus your customer will be able to know the actual business time and they will not able to place an order at the time your store is closed.

More than one thousand stores (nearly two thousand) are using this awesome tool to manage less their stress with orders that come during the off-time as well as they can handle multiple schedules for their shop for different seasons. It works with a few simple steps – Create a schedule (can add multiple sub-schedules in a day) for a week, and set that as active. that’s it, the store will be automatically opened or closed following that active schedule. How simple is that! isn’t it? Now your customers will not able to place any orders (this feature will be available automatically when you will use the pro version) and they will get a predefined message about your shut-off. Besides this, you can display your active schedule anywhere you want in your store front end. So be cool and start using this.

FEATURES of Open Close WooCommerce Store

  • Create multiple schedules for different purposes.
  • Multiple daily shifts like for Morning 09:00 AM to 11:30 AM and for Evening 07:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
  • Block ordering from customers automatically when the store is closed.
  • Open or Close your store instantly without changing any schedules, just with a click.
  • Preorder specific or all products when the store is closed.
  • Empty cart if it’s holding products when the shop becomes closed automatically.
  • Allow some or all products to add to the cart even if your store is closed during that time.
  • Allow / Disallow specific products to ignore business schedules and work as expected without this plugin.
  • Frontend schedules management.
  • Available shortcodes to display schedule anywhere you want with multiple styles.
  • Offers different styles for countdown timers on multiple places you want to show.
  • Custom message format on each schedule like – “We are closed now! Shop will reopen within %countdown%.”.
  • Fully works on local timezone that means the timezone you follow for your store.
  • Notice bar to display store closing message in multiple places.
  • Different popup effect, a popup will come when a customer tries to order and store are closed.
  • Completely translation ready. If you want to contribute in your language, please follow this link and start.


Dokan is the fastest-growing multi-vendor plugin. Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin is fully compatible with this awesome plugin.


WC Marketplace is a cool multivendor plugin in WordPress. We are now working to provide integration support for our plugin with this great plugin.


WCFM Marketplace is another super plugin for managing multi-vendor websites. We have a plan to integrate the Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin with the WCFM Marketplace plugin.



Great plugin + Great support, Everything very nice, no problems.


The best plugins for the OPENING TIMES

The best support is always ready to help. The plugin is wonderful, works flawlessly and is very convenient and easy to use. vilen thank you ud wieter so.


Very good Plugin for a good price, best and quick support.

For the money you spend per year this plugin is exactly what you need, very good work guys and the updates are coming regulary. I had a problem to activate the Pro Version, the Support was answering my question asap (under 30 min) and was all the time very polite. In the end he solved the problem very easy and quick. I recommend this plugin and if you have any issues just contact the support they will help you out. 🙂

Demo for Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin


[schedule id="71"]

Here ‘id’ specify the schedule ID that you wanted to display using the shortcode. In free version you can achive this shortcode



Using this shortcode you can add frontend schedules manager in any page. Admin will able to Create | Delete | Update schedules. This shortcode will be available on premium version only.



Using this shortcode you can display countdown timer in any place you want.

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