September 24, 2022

In this article, we will be discussing why it’s so important of getting order notification for WooCommerce. If you delay acknowledging new orders, it might create many problems. Like –

  1. Makes the order processing system inefficient
  2. Leads to restaurant order cancelation
  3. Order delays
  4. Decrease revenue
  5. Create mess for holidays shopping events

1. Makes the order processing system inefficient

Real-time new order alert is the number one requirement for effective order processing systems. People who receive new orders must be able to get the new order alert in real-time so that they can send the order for shipment quickly.

To make your order processing system efficient, ensure you get a real-time notification from your store.

2. Leads to restaurant order cancelation

It is unacceptable when customers are waiting for their ordered food items and the restaurant doesn’t know yet what they’ve ordered.

Orders must be processed as soon as they are received by restaurants. This is why you must get an order notification for WooCommerce when it is placed at the store. The order will be canceled if it’s not delivered on time or if the order picker can’t retrieve it after reaching the restaurant. Therefore, restaurant owners should process new orders as soon as possible.

3. Order delays

When you receive eCommerce orders, you must start processing them right away. It will lead to delays in processing orders if you can’t begin processing them immediately. Therefore, you must use a system that notifies you in real-time when new orders arrive. The delay in processing an order leads to the order being canceled.

4. Decrease revenue

Time is money for eCommerce business. If you can’t process new orders immediately after receiving them, it will lead to less order completion. Therefore, you will sell fewer products and generate less revenue.

Real-time new order alerts can help to increase eCommerce store revenue significantly.

5. Create mess for holidays shopping events

People buy a lot at holiday shopping events. During this time, eCommerce stores get a huge number of orders than regular time. ECommerce stores must quickly process orders to cope with massive numbers of orders in holiday shopping events. If eCommerce store owners fail to process orders immediately after receiving them, it will create a mess for holiday shopping events.

Available solutions about order notification for WooCommerce

Here are some available solutions regarding order notification for WooCommerce for the problem we discussed above.

1. On-store new order popup notification with sound

It is an effective solution for WooCommerce new order alert. Store admin will get new orders popup notification with sound on the custom order page. The notification sound will ring continuously till the admin confirm the order.

Using this WooCommerce new order alert solution, you can choose specific products for getting notification sound alerts. Also, you can set the refresh time interval. Furthermore, you can change the notification sound and set it according to your choice.

2. New order SMS notification

Basically, it’s a general WooCommerce new order alert solution. When an order is placed, an SMS notification will be sent to the store admin. You will have to set up a third-party SMS gateway in this case.

Also, customers will get SMS for new orders. Moreover, the admin and customer will get SMS for order status changes.

3. Admin mobile app

It is a great way to keep up to date on new orders. By using the app, you will be able to get WooCommerce new order alerts directly to your mobile phone. In addition, you can receive notifications for new customers, new product reviews, and reduced stock levels in your inbox. Furthermore, you can use this app to manage your WooCommerce store from the convenience of your mobile device.

4. New order desktop notification

The WooCommerce new order alert is great. When someone places an order, you’ll get a notification with a sound. Alerts will include the order link. You can also set failed order notifications. Moreover, you can set specific product sound alerts.

5. WooCommerce new order email notification

It is a simple solution for WooCommerce new order alert. You will get notification mail in your email when someone places a new order. It allows sending new order email notifications to multiple people. Moreover, it allows sending notifications for specific products, categories, low stock, out-of-stock, etc.

Current sound notification solutions have limitations

There are some excellent solutions for WoCommerce new order alerts. However, they still have limitations. They could not provide a complete solution for WooCommerce new order alert.

Regarding the on-store new order popup notification with sound solution, you can’t set alerts for a minimum amount. In addition, it lacks new alert filtration by product tags, categories, and user roles. Furthermore, it can’t send new order alerts when a specific user purchases.

When it comes to New order SMS notifications and Mobile apps, it is not an on-site solution. It sends new order alerts to the admin mobile. And the most important thing about this solution is it is not an alert sound system; you will get only text SMS on your mobile. Moreover, you can’t set alerts for the minimum order amount.

Also, you can’t filter new order alerts by specific products, categories, product tags, and users with any of the solutions for order notification for WooCommerce.

As far as the New order desktop notification solution is concerned, you can’t filter alerts by product tags, category, and users. In addition, it lacks the feature for setting alerts for a minimum order amount.

New order email notification lacks order alert filtration by users and product tags. Furthermore, you can’t set alerts for a minimum amount with this solution.

These are the limitations of current solutions regarding order notification for WooCommerce. Every solution has some sort of lacking. None of these solutions is a completely new order alert system.

How can Order Notification for WooCommerce plugin overcome the current limitations of new order alert solutions?

Order notification for WooCommerce is a completely new order alert solution for WooCommerce stores. It is an onsite alert system; when someone places a new order admin will get the sound alert instantly. Alert will ring until the admin takes action on the order. This plugin (order notification for WooCommerce) allows you to set new order alerts for specific users using the Order from Users feature. If a specific users buy a product, the admin will get an alert.

In addition, the Order notification for WooCommerce plugin allows new order alert sound filtration by product tags, product categories, user roles, etc. Using the Product tags feature, you can get new order sound alerts when someone purchases a product with specific tags. Regarding category, when someone purchases a product from a specific category, the admin will get a new order notification.

Moreover, the admin will get a new order alert when users with specific roles purchase a product. Order Notification for WooCommerce plugin allows setting new order alerts for a minimum order amount. When customers buy a product whose price is equal to or more than the minimum order amount, the admin will get sound alerts.

It is the unique feature of the Order Notification for WooCommerce plugin. And it makes this plugin stand out among other new order alert solutions.

Another exciting capability of this plugin is it automatically refreshes the site for new orders. Thus, you don’t need to refresh the website to check new orders manually. It allows setting the requests limit per minute to the server as many sites don’t let too many requests per minute.

Order Notification for WooCommerce is the most effective solution for WooCommerce new order alert notification.

With this plugin activated in your WooCommerce store, you no longer need to worry about new order notifications.

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