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Order notification for WooCommerce

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This order listener plugin will make things awesome for WooCommerce store admin. The listener will check for new order and play music in your computer browser or in any device automatically as soon as the store receive an order. You don’t need to refresh all the time to check for order. Everything will happen automatically, you just need to enable the listener once. This will definitely save lots of time and management for order processing and increase customer experience.

  • Yearly
  • Lifetime

When you renew, You will have the same price. So, don't worry about the next bill.

Admin can add some conditions/rules to check special orders. Like – Minimum order amount, Check for special product etc.



  • Check order automatically
  • Play music when a new order placed
  • More features are coming…


  • Customize music and set your preferred once.
  • Add order checking rules. Currently available rules are
    > Minimum order amount.
    > Select product for specific products only.




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