UI Designer (Junior)

We are Hiring

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We are hiring UI Designer (Junior) for Team Pluginbazar

Salary 8K to 20K (Depending on your skills)
Job Nature Full time (Currently we are working from home but you will have to work from office after lockdown)
Job Location Rangpur
Position 2

Why Join Here

  • You will get chance to improve your skills with a highly experienced team and proper guidelines,
  • On time salary,
  • Lunch, snacks, coffee and/or tea provided from office,
  • 5 days a week (Sunday to Thursday)
  • Yearly salary review,
  • Festive bonus (2 times a year),
  • Performance bonus,
  • Cool working environment,
  • And many more…

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    What we expect from you

    • Thirsty to increase your skill,
    • Concentration on work with your best effort,
    • Regularity avoiding excuses and that’s all.

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    Apply Here Directly

    Please send your updated CV and portfolio links so that we can have a quick look on that before discussion.

    We will respond every applicant no matter we will have a deal or not. And we always love to gather experience through the hiring process. We might give you some quick tasks to complete.

    Let’s talk….. We are waiting on you 🙂 

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