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Current Version 3.1.17
Last Updated 12/12/2019
Released On 03/08/2016

Plugin Description

Now a days, to be updated with the flow of time, having an option to take your visitor’s opinion is almost obvious. From this Idea we build this plug-in that will satisfy your need in case of poll management. You can easily create and maintain a poll in your WordPress without any harassment. And finally you will get a Report in the Admin view to be confirmed about how your visitor react on your each Poll.

Some Great Features

  • User friendly and customization support without having any coding skill. And anyone can override template form theme/child theme.
  • Unique Review. No SPAM. No one can review twice in single poll even he is not logged in to your website.
  • Visitors can see all polls with awesome filters with putting a shortcode in any page he wants.
  • Ready styles of countdown timer(5+), option styles(15+) and more than 3 animation effects.
  • Admin can see reports of a single poll from reports section inside plugin settings menu with pie & bar charts.
  • You can display results of a single poll in multiple way, like – the whole results or results with a single option only using shortcode etc.
  • Admin can duplicate any poll with it’s options easily just clicking on a button from poll list page.
  • Admin can reset a poll’s results anytime from poll list page easily just clicking on a button. Removed results can be restored latter (upcoming feature).
  • You can now lock content of any page or post with a poll, so users needs to poll first in order to view the content.
  • You can set a poll from it’s settings panel which will popup when users scrolls to the bottom of any page in your website.
  • Single poll page now have a set of social share buttons. This will available in poll archive page too (Upcoming).
  • Users will have to put their phone numbers before starting vote on predefined poll. He has to confirm a OTP received on given number (Upcoming).

Some Common Questions

I have purchased the pro version but still it's showing pending, what's wrong?

If you are experiencing such issue then we are really sorry for this. Basically sometimes the fraud check from the payment process takes time to approve a payment, though it’s not longer than few moments but this can raise such issue. So if you are facing this stupid issue then please let us know just clicking here, we will be with your in very short time or use our live chat support. Thank you.

Trying to activate license key, but getting error!

If you think you did everything that showed on the admin bar as notices but facing an unexpected issue with your license key, then I would like to request you to let us know please by clicking here, simply, we will be with your in very short time or use our live chat support.

Pro version of this plugin is not working!

If something like this happens please confirm this checklist first –

  1. You did everything that showed in admin bar as notices.
  2. Download the latest pro version from my-account section in https://pluginbazar.com.
  3. Installed the pro version removing the free version.
  4. Activate pro version with license key received in Email.
  5. Update WordPress timezone according the city I am running my business.
  6. Create business hours according my schedules and activate it.
  7. See in action the shop status on admin top bar.

If something not working after doing all these then please let us know creating a support ticket here.