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Current Version4.1.3
Released On15th August, 2015
Last Updated3 weeks ago

Plugin Description 

Maintain Business schedules of your WooCommerce store easily with WooCommerce Open Close. Let your customers know about business schedules and restrict them from placing new orders while Store is Closed. Your customers might be in confusion with your business. Sometimes customer complete order and wait for the products cause he/she pay for the shipping too, But times passed on and passing nothing hear from your WooCommerce Store.

You are also not aware of this situation, what’s going on your customer’s mind. You may be offline or your shop might be off for that day. Like Ordering for a meal at midnight when your shop is closed. So this is a big trouble for running business with Transparency. NO MORE BUSINESS CONFUSION !!! WooCommerce Open Close comes with a complete business hour/schedule management, completely hassle free. There is a free version available, please check that first before continuing with WooCommerce Open Close Pro version. Questions in mind please ask directly Our dedicated support team will contact you within shortest possible time.

More than one thousand stores (nearly two thousands) are using this awesome tool to manage less their stress with orders that comes during the off-time as well as they can handle multiple schedules for their shop for different seasons. It works with few simple steps - Create schedule (can add multiple sub-schedules in a day) for a week, set that as active. that's it, store will be automatically opened or closed following that active schedule. How simple is that! isn't it? Now your customers will not able to place any orders (this feature will be available automatically when you will use the pro version) and they will get a predefined message about your shut-off. Besides this, you can display your active schedule anywhere you want in your store front end. So be cool and start using this.

Plugin Features

  • You can configure your business schedules for each day of the week. As well as you can add multiple segments of a single day.
  • You can conditionally close your webshop easily like – after X number of orders, order of specific product(s) etc.
  • Display business schedules to your customers easily with a shortcode at any place of your website. Additionally you will get a widget to display schedules.
  • This plugin comes with a countdown timer programmatically showing next opening/closing time remaining with multiple ready styles.
  • WooCommerce Open Close will follow your webshop time-zone that means what you select on the WordPress admin settings.
  • Pro version of WooCommerce Open Close will not able to place orders when the shop is closed rather they will get a popup with predefined message.
  • Admin can select specific product(s) which will not follow the business schedules, that means predefined products can be ordered even shop is closed.
  • Admin can select specific product(s) which will not follow the business schedules, that means predefined products can not be ordered even shop is opened.
  • Multiple ready styles are coming soon with the pro version of WooCommerce Open Close that will suits with your website design.
  • More styles are coming soon for countdown timer to display next opening or closing time that fits best with your website designs.

Some Common Questions 

I have purchased the pro version but still it's showing pending, what's wrong?

If you are experiencing such issue then we are really sorry for this. Basically sometimes the fraud check from the payment process takes time to approve a payment, though it’s not longer than few moments but this can raise such issue. So if you are facing this stupid issue then please let us know just clicking here, we will be with your in very short time or use our live chat support. Thank you.

Trying to activate license key, but getting error!

If you think you did everything that showed on the admin bar as notices but facing an unexpected issue with your license key, then I would like to request you to let us know please by clicking here, simply, we will be with your in very short time or use our live chat support.


Pro version of this plugin is not working!

If something like this happens please confirm this checklist first

  1. You did everything that showed in admin bar as notices.
  2. Download the latest pro version from my-account section in https://pluginbazar.com.
  3. Installed the pro version along with the free version.
  4. Activate pro version with license key received in Email.
  5. Update WordPress timezone according the city I am running my business.
  6. Create business hours according my schedules and activate it.
  7. See in action the shop status on admin top bar.

If something not working after doing all these then please let us know creating a support ticket here.

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