WooCommerce Advanced Variation

This is a WooCommerce extension to manage Variation easily for the customers while adding to cart.


  • Select choices from Product archive, No need to go single product page
  • Show prices upon selection
  • FREE to change any content or style like – Color, Background color, Font size, Font style, Font weight
  • Show your payment gateways to increase Trustflow
  • Filters and Actions available to extend for Developers



[wav-variation-button id={Your product ID}]

This shortcode will display a Button for {Your product ID} Product, This button is completely filterable, Filters are given on the Filters list





This Filter is to change or filter the button text, what is generated from the shortcode [wav-variation-button]

function my_custom_variation_button_text( $button_text ){

    $button_text = __('My Custom Button', 'text-domain');

    return $button_text;
add_filter( 'wav_filter_variation_button_text', 'my_custom_variation_button_text', 10, 1);



This Filter is to add or change css classes for the button, what is generated from the shortcode [wav-variation-button]

function my_custom_button_class( $css_classes ){

    $css_classes[] = 'my-custom-css-class';

    return $css_classes;
add_filter( 'wav_filter_variation_button_classes', 'my_custom_button_class', 10, 1);

Plugin Price

Add advanced swatches system on your WooCommerce Store
8000+ Downloads
10+ active installs
20+ Five star Reviews
Version 1.0.3
Tested up to WordPress 4.9.8
Tested up to WooCommerce 3.1
Last Updated 2 years ago
WordPress Version Required 4.1
WooCommerce Version Required 3.0
PHP Version Required 5.5
License 100% GPL Compatible