Order Listener for WooCommerce – Play Sounds Instantly on New Orders

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Current Version 3.0.0
Last Updated 12/27/2019
Released On 05/13/2018

Plugin Description

Using this plugin you can get alert with strong volume alarm in your computer browser or any other device when a new order Come to your WooCommerce shop. No need to refresh or check for new order manually all the time.

This will save a lots of time and extra Employee cost and make your WooCommerce order processing faster as well as smarter than others.

Some Great Features

  • Instantly get notified with Sounds
  • Set custom alarm sound
  • Check specific product’s order
  • Get notified only when specific order amount
  • Mute or unmute Sound
  • Toggle Order checking
  • Light weight
  • Zero impact on speed performance

Some Common Questions

I have purchased the pro version but still it's showing pending, what's wrong?

If you are experiencing such issue then we are really sorry for this. Basically sometimes the fraud check from the payment process takes time to approve a payment, though it’s not longer than few moments but this can raise such issue. So if you are facing this stupid issue then please let us know just clicking here, we will be with your in very short time or use our live chat support. Thank you.

Trying to activate license key, but getting error!

If you think you did everything that showed on the admin bar as notices but facing an unexpected issue with your license key, then I would like to request you to let us know please by clicking here, simply, we will be with your in very short time or use our live chat support.

Pro version of this plugin is not working!

If something like this happens please confirm this checklist first –

  1. You did everything that showed in admin bar as notices.
  2. Download the latest pro version from my-account section in https://pluginbazar.com.
  3. Installed the pro version removing the free version.
  4. Activate pro version with license key received in Email.
  5. Update WordPress timezone according the city I am running my business.
  6. Create business hours according my schedules and activate it.
  7. See in action the shop status on admin top bar.

If something not working after doing all these then please let us know creating a support ticket here.