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    Hello.. I purchased the pro version, but I do not know how to activate it. It is asking me for an Envato code, but I bought it here. The purchase code that I am copying and pasting does not work. Can you please assist?



    Hello @ivan,

    Thank you for your query. We are sorry about your problem. I think we are not giving proper guide to our customers enough on WooCommerce Open Close. I am keeping a note on this.

    Now, Please follow the step below:

    1. Go to your downloads section on Pluginbazar.com. You can find that under My account menu. or can go directly following the link below. https://pluginbazar.com/my-account/downloads/

    2. Then Please download the latest premium version files.

    3. Then go to your website wp-admin -> plugins and deactivate then delete the free version of WooCommerce Open Close

    4. Then upload the premium version and activate it.

    5. Then you will get step by step instructions on admin notice section.

    Now you are ready to go.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask further question. Thank you.


    Thank you for that information. That worked!
    Also, thank you for the quick reply and the product. We desperately needed a solution!

    Quick suggestions:
    The download screen I was provided has a number of files on them, some with duplicate names. I had no way of knowing which was the latest file I need to download. Upon downloading one of the PRO files, it told me there was a newer file. If I update to that newer file, I go back to the non-pro version. That can be confusing and a bit frustrating.

    Also, I think it would be really helpful to simply have a pause store checkbox. Pause? y/n
    We needed to pause the store for an unknown period of time, and that would’ve been great. Even more so if you could pause for a number of hours and/or days. Just a friendly suggestion for a future version, perhaps.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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