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WooCommerce Open Close

Maintain Business hour for your WooCommerce Shop. Let your customers know about business schedules and restrict them from placing new orders while Store is Closed.

Your customers might be in confusion with your business. Sometimes customer complete order and wait for the products cause he/she pay for the shipping too, But times passed on and passing nothing hear from your WooCommerce Store.

You are also not aware of this situation, what’s going on your customer’s mind. You may be offline or your shop might be off for that day. Like Ordering for a meal at midnight when your shop is closed. So this is a big trouble for running business with Transparency.

NO MORE BUSINESS CONFUSION !!! WooCommerce Open Close comes with a complete business hour/schedule management, completely hassle free.


  • Manage Business Schedules
  • Multiple Schedules in Same Day
  • Shortcode to View Business Hours
  • Translation Ready
  • 5+ Business Schedules Display Variations
  • 4+ Countdown Timer Variations


  • No Order when Shop is Closed
  • Instantly control opening and closing of WooCommerce Store
  • Empty cart as soon as shop become close
  • Allow add to cart even shop is closed
  • Allow / Disallow Specific Products to Bypass Schedules
  • Multiple popup styles
  • Frontend Schedules Management
  • Dokan Plugin Support Added


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