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Updating Pro Before #1.1.3

This topic is about, how you can update the pro version easily in the new version #1.1.3 So let’s get started.

We have updated the pro version’s license engine to our own hosted system rather than any third-party applications. This is why the pro customers will not get the one-click download feature for this version especially. But the good news is from this version #1.1.3 all the pro customers will get update notifications and a single click download feature.

Please follow the steps below for updating pro of Order Listener for WooCommerce plugin (Before 1.1.3 version).

  1. At first please deactivate the previous version from your WordPress website.
    1 Deactivate the older version of the plugin
  2. Now delete the older version from your WrodPress website.
    2 Delete the older version plugin
  3. Now navigate to your Downloads in Pluginbazar and download the latest version of the plugin.
    3 My Account Download Page
  4. Coming back to your WordPress website again and add the downloaded plugin as you do for a new plugin. You can see the below screenshot.
    4 Click add new and upload plugin
  5. After clicking on the Upload Plugin button, you will get to this screen and you need to select the downloaded plugin.
    5 Upload the downloaded version
  6. Now activate the plugin in your WordPress website.
    6 Activate the plugin now
  7. Now you need to activate your license key to get regular updates with a single click and hassle-free as well as please be noted that, the pro features will not work until you activate the license key in the plugin.
    7 Activating license key
  8. Now get your license key from Pluginbazar and copy it to use later on your website.
    8 Copy the license key
  9. Now use the copied key and activate that on your website.
    9 Activate license key
  10. Here is the screen when you have successfully activated the license key.
    10 License key activated done
  11. You can also manage your website and license key from the Pluginbazar license page as well.
    11 Remove specific website from license key
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